Taiwan News – Taiwan’s JustKitchen so much more than just a kitchen

Original article by Eric Chang, Contributing Writer, Taiwan News, August 28, 2020

JustKitchen currently offers 6 delivery-only brands with 3 more around the corner

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Walking into JustKitchen’s center of operations in Taipei’s Neihu District, one gets the sense that something big is on the horizon.

On one side of the office, employees are busy at work behind their computers figuring out the tech side of the operation, while on the other, food is being taste-tested and architectural plans are being approved.

They say timing is everything, and as restaurants around the world struggle to stay afloat during the pandemic, one bright spot has been delivery — enter JustKitchen. The food delivery startup opened for business on March 26.

CEO Jason Chen (陳星豪) told Taiwan News that traditional brick-and-mortar establishments are finding it harder to succeed, especially with food costs, labor expenses, and real estate prices all going up. Loosely based on former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens food-delivery startup, the team at JustKitchen came up with their own “hub and spokes” model…