MrBeast Burger Takes the Philippines by Storm, Sells Out Immediately At Launch

Dale Bashir, IGN Southeast Asia, March 24, 2023

Many of us are undoubtedly familiar with Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, a YouTuber and philanthropist who has become a fixture in modern pop culture. From hosting his own version of Squid Game to curing people’s cataracts, MrBeast has gained a lot of attention and admiration.

In December 2020, MrBeast launched his own virtual fast-food restaurant called MrBeast Burger, following in the vein of celebrity-owned franchises like Planet Hollywood and McDonald’s BTS Meal.

MrBeast Burger operates through ghost kitchens, which allows it to open up shop in already existing virtual kitchens that service other businesses. This means that MrBeast Burger doesn’t have to undergo the same standard operating procedures as traditional fast-food chains.

As a result, MrBeast Burger was quickly able to expand beyond the United States to countries like the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada, all on a delivery-only basis. Asia also got in on the action in 2022, with ghost kitchen operator JustKitchen offering MrBeast Burger food items in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Now, JustKitchen Philippines has begun rolling out MrBeast Burgers in the country, and Filipino fans can enjoy various styles of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches via Grab Food.

However, patrons may have to be patient as MrBeast Burger food has been selling out since its launch in the country on March 21, as announced through JustKitchen Philippines’ social media channels.

Given that the MrBeast Burger chain is now widely available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia even months after its launch, it seems that it is not a limited-time offering. As a result, we urge fans to be patient in getting their hands on it.

JustKitchen will continue to offer MrBeast Burger in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Additionally, JustKitchen has announced plans for a Thailand launch later this year.